Vivo Indesk Power Station


 Vivo Indesk Power Station is the ideal choice for workspaces, educational, and public spaces. Its near-flush installation takes just minutes and supports 360° socket access in either white or black PC/ABS for durable and attractive results. Upgrade with brushed stainless steel inlays for a clean finish when not in use.

This power, data, and AV solution supports Australian and international power sockets as well as Data/AV connectivity, plus our industry-leading TUF-R USB fast mobile and tablet charger and TUF-R HP (high powered) USB C fast mobile, tablet, and laptop charger.


Designs available Body and grommet in White | Black • Inlays in Brushed stainless steel (only available with a black body and grommet) • Power and TUF fascia’s: White | Black | Grey


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