Orb Fixed Height Workstation


The Orb Fixed Height Workstation is highly functional yet minimalist in design. Featuring curved shaped legs, with incredible versatility through various accessories and storage arrangements, the Orb Workstation keeps the workspace organised and inviting.

Orb is available in a range of layout combinations which can be tailored to your space and a centre cabinet for added storage with access on both sides, or with under-desk storage. The Orb range can be configured to seat between 2 and 6 people, and complemented with a matching bookcase, conference table, or executive desk.


Styles available Single | 2-Person | 4-Person | 6-Person | 4-Person with Middle Cabinet | 4-Person with Side Cabinet

Designs available Natural Beech | Natural Birch | Natural Oak | White | Black

Product dimensions 2 person 750H x 1200W x 1200D | 750H x 1400W x 1400D • 4-person 750H x 2400W x 1200D | 750H x 2800W x 1400D • 6-person 750H x 3600W x 1200D | 750H x 4200W x 1400D 

Warranty 3 years

Available now


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