New Leaf Table


Friends with ‘green thumbs’ will tell you that they understand the excitement by each new leaf gifted to them from their plants. The New Leaf looks at the table base components in a new way, where 6mm mild steel plate surrenders to an organic shape of a leaf and transforms into an object with a serene presence.

Assembly has been designed in a way, where consideration is given to each meeting chair space. Legs can be installed at the very edge of table tops where size permits, maximising movement.

This loose leg base construction has an advantage, where unconstrained by supporting beams, irregular shaped 1-piece tops can be used.

The New Leaf is available as a Table Base System for meeting room tables, Boardroom tables, high bar tables and desks. 


Designs available Frame in Paperbark | Iron Satin | All Dulux colours • Top in Laminate | Melamine | Veneer

Product dimensions 485H | 725H 

Designer Klaro

Warranty 10 years

Available now


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