Lowena Large Acoustic Pod


As the largest member of the Lowena Acoustic Pod range, the Lowena Large Acoustic Pod is the ideal choice for private meetings of 4-6 people in bustling office spaces. Designed to provide the ultimate noise control system, the Lowena Large Acoustic Pod is an ideal solution for creating private collaboration opportunities in shared environments, such as open-plan or co-working spaces.

Features include a wall-mounted table, two upholstered sofas, a ventilation fan controlled by a door-triggered sensor and integrated LED lighting. The wall panel has a GPO and two USB ports, while the bottom of the pod has heavy-duty castors for easy relocation.

Boasting a speech level reduction of 30DB, the Lowena Large Acoustic Pod is an essential piece for today's workspaces. 


Designs available Black | Custom colours

Product dimensions Overall Size 2200H x 2200W x 1500D | Internal Size 2080H x 2100W x 1380D

Warranty 5 years