Cascade™ Hanging Screens


As the name suggests, Cascade™ screens fall elegantly from the ceiling to create subtle acoustic features. The screens can be used to create separate spaces whilst maintaining an open feel.

The Cascade family can be customised in one of three styles—static, folding, and expanding, to suit any space. Lightweight yet sturdy, Cascade Hanging Screens are semi-permanent by nature; easy to install, uninstall and move around your space as required. 

Further customisation is possible, including Print, Etch, Groove, Precision Cut, Mould and Press, and Peel ‘n’ Stick. 


Styles available 32+ Styles | Direct fix | Suspended | Combination

Designs available 20 colours

Product dimensions 1200Wx 2400H | 12mm thickness 

Certifications WEL | LEED | Green Star | BREEAM  


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